New to the NASDAQ, Clean Energy, Proprietary Technology Acquired from General Electric

New to the NASDAQ, Clean Energy, Proprietary Technology Acquired from General Electric
Hello everyone and welcome to all our new members,

I hope this correspondence finds you all well. The markets have been crazy this past year but we believe the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to appear. As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, with the FED likely to pause after one more rate hike this year the market finally has something to go on.

The stock we will be discussing today has been correcting from a recent run to $5.70/share and seems to have capitulated yesterday hitting a low of $2.19/share. High probability of a bounce from an oversold level here.

Energy prices have been hit hard by inflation and our new featured NASDAQ company has a great proprietary solution that is becoming very popular especially within the industrial community.

Proprietary Technology Acquired from General Electric
This technology is saving factories and JOBS!

Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: CETY)
$2.33/share a/o close on 04/05/23

Technology, Segments, Recent Projects and News

The principal product of Heat Recovery Solutions, a subsidiary of CETY, is the Clean Cycle Heat to Power Generator, a turn-key solution to generate revenue or offset electrical costs for industrial use. Acquired from GE, its patented magnetic bearing turbine technology is proven with over 100 installations and more than 1M fleet operating hours.

Segment 1) Heat to Power Solutions

Heat Recovery Solutions, a CETY company, provides custom, pre-engineered and assembled heat recovery solutions for Industrial and Municipality grade projects.

These solutions capture wasted heat produced by the facility and converts it into grid-ready electricity that can either be sold for a profit, or offset electrical expenses of the facility.

Good applications for heat to power installations include:

  • Any Industrial Facilities or Power Plants with Stacks Producing Exhaust
  • Biomass boilers used in agricultural and manufacturing
  • Turbine and Engine Compression Stations
  • Industries using liquid fuel or gas powered engines such as landfills and water treatment facilities.
  • Along with almost any other industrial process that puts off wasted heat.

Recent Project: 

Clean Energy Technologies Enters into a Master Service Agreement with RPG Energy Group
CETY Will Develop Onsite Applications to Create Electricity, Hydrogen, and Promote Decarbonization

COSTA MESA, CA., March 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq CETY) (the “Company”), a clean energy manufacturing and services company, offering recyclable energy solutions, clean energy fuels, and alternative electric power for small and mid-sized projects in North America, Europe, and Asia today announced that it entered into a Master Service Agreement with RPG Energy Group for development of onsite applications which utilize technologies to create electricity, applicable hydrogen production, and promote decarbonization. CETY will support RPG Energy’s Fortune 500 customer with locations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the U.S., and Mexico. The initial sites are in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, the UK, and the U.S., specifically in the states of Tennessee, Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, and Mississippi.

CETY and RPG Energy have been conducting global site assessments over the last 12 months to collect and analyze data in order to identify energy efficiencies and improvements. The application will integrate CETY’s services and solutions into the microgrid at these sites, allowing for functions such as demand shave generation, onsite generation (genset), Energy Storage, Waste-Heat-Recovery to Power (ORC), Solar PV, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, and Waste to Hydrogen.

Jami Krynski, RPG’s CEO said, “Our industrial customer base has been devastated by the rising tide of utility charges along with the loss of control on how much margin fade is the result of energy destabilization worldwide. CETY is a great fit to work along side our team as we reimagine power generation and supply which are fundamental to our society and marketplace. As global energy markets destabilize with unprecedented cost increases our collective services are saving factories and jobs.”

Kam Mahdi, CETY’s CEO said, “This partnership is expected to open a host of opportunities to work with two excellent companies and showcase CETY’s knowledge and technology on a global scale. We are excited to begin our work with RPG Energy. This partnership is a reflection of our expanded business plan that involves manufacturing of component parts, engineering, and project service management services to municipals and industrial companies.” FULL ARTICLE

Segment 2) HTAP Solutions

Processing of industrial and municipal organic waste in high temperature ablative pyrolysis system for renewable high heating value fuel gas and value-added chemicals.

One HTAP10 system produces enough synthetic fuel gas to generate electric power for 2500 households.

Why the CETY HTAP System?

  • Zero emissions (no added oxidizing agent, exothermic reaction does not require external heat supply)
  • Waste sourcing and mixing flexibility
  • Designed for maximizing of high heating value synthetic fuel gas production
  • Zero liquid residue discharge
  • Zero solid residue waste (used for production of fuel briquettes, adsorbents, soil amendments, carbon black, construction materials, etc.)
  • Options for conversion of produced synthetic gas into liquid hydrocarbons (dimethyl ether, methanol) Options for conversion of produced synthetic gas into renewable hydrogen
  • Modular design for projects implementation time reduction
  • Availability of containerized factory packaged configurations

Recent Project:

Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. Enters Into Agreement with Synergy Bioproducts to Develop Vermont Renewable Energy Biomass Plant

COSTA MESA, CA., Dec. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: CETY), announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Synergy Bioproducts Corporation to design, build and operate a biomass renewable energy processing facility using its revolutionary high temperature ablative fast pyrolysis reactor (HTAP Biomass Reactor). Located in Vermont, this project will convert forest biomass waste products to renewably generated electricity and BioChar fertilizer. The plant is expected to deliver up to 14,600 MWh of renewable electricity and 1,500 tons of BioChar annually and be fully commissioned within 12 months.

CETY is focusing on HTAP applications for industrial and municipality solid waste, landfill waste, agriculture waste, and forestry waste. This builds on the current increase in incentives for investment in clean energy solutions for commercial and industrial users, as well as a surge in interest in clean energy solutions in municipalities. This project will also benefit from the recent Inflation Reduction Act passed in August of 2022.

In combination with existing CETY technologies and solutions, these projects will advance the company’s mission to offer a more vertically integrated and scalable platform for clean energy solutions across multiple industries in most key markets globally.

CETY’s existing ORC business will also capitalize on each Biomass project, with the opportunity to deliver Heat Recovery Solutions. Such synergies increase energy value by 15% for the Biomass project. CETY’s portfolio of Biomass projects will in turn drive top line and bottom-line growth elsewhere in the company creating long term predictable income streams with high IRR cash flows.

More importantly, it provides a footprint for future projects utilizing HTAP Biomass Reactor technology in the rapidly growing biomass renewable energy sector. The HTAP Biomass Reactor is a unique and proprietary process that transforms organic waste by using ultra-high temperatures and produces renewable electrical power, BioChar fertilizer and high heating value fuel gas in addition to other commercially valuable chemicals.

Kam Mahdi, CEO of CETY, stated “This project is the first of many anticipated renewable biomass projects, and is expected to serve as a model for developing new projects to capture market share in this highly profitable and growing industry. By vertically integrating the biomass projects into our business, we are also able to grow our heat recovery business horizontally. We hope that our future projects will be large by orders of magnitude and have a profound impact on the environment while bringing us new sources of income. Our new renewable energy biomass projects are expected to further expand our goal of becoming a complete solution for industrial and municipal scale projects in the strategic markets we are targeting.

By offering additional renewable energy solutions with near-zero emissions, zero solid waste residue, and better waste sourcing capabilities, we firmly believe that renewable energy biomass projects will establish our reputation as a viable and attractive renewable biomass energy solution while generating a new stream of revenues and profits for our company”. FULL ARTICLE

Segment 3) Engineering and Manufacturing

Extensive design, engineering and manufacturing services provide an integrated approach, whether becoming an extension of the customers engineering team, developing manufacturing processes, or providing the whole market ready solution. If bringing a product to market they can provide the resources needed.

Segment 4) Natural Gas Trading Operations

This segment recently produced $2.5M in revenue for CETY and according to the company may be about to scale and become a more stable high volume revenue stream.

Clean Energy Technologies Scales Natural Gas Trading Operations as China Market Recovers (Note CETY is a US company based in California with global operations)

COSTA MESA, CA., March 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq CETY) (the “Company”), a clean energy manufacturing and services company, offering recyclable energy solutions, clean energy fuels, and alternative electric power for small and mid-sized projects in North America, Europe, and Asia today announced it has secured and sold 6.65 million cubic meters of natural gas (NG) through its subsidiaries and joint ventures in China for the first quarter of 2023, which totals to approximately USD 2.5 million in sales. Management believes that the NG market has significantly improved compared to the fourth quarter of 2022 when China’s economy was battered by COV19 lockdowns and restrictions. China’s Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index reached 52.6 in February 2023 from a low of 47.0 in December 2022 ( In the 2023 Government Work Report (, the Chinese government set the economic growth target for 2023 at about 5% and made economic recovery the government’s most important task. CETY expects continuous high growth in demand for NG in China and is currently in the process of securing major NG sales contracts for the remainder of the year.

Due to the Ukrainian and Russian conflict, NG prices have fluctuated significantly in the past year. To better manage market risk as well as reduce exposure to cyclical factors such as lowered demand due to national holidays or weather, CETY is adjusting its NG strategy to stable higher volume trading in Pipeline Natural Gas (PNG) rather than opportunistic low volume trading with higher margins in Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Kam Mahdi, CETY’s CEO said, “Our Natural Gas trading operations and NG pipeline business in China opens cross selling opportunities for CETY products and solutions. As we see an uptick in China’s economy returning to normal, we expect even more contribution from this business segment in the near future.” FULL ARTICLE


According to Yahoo Finance
The public float is around 10M shares.
Insider ownership is 69% 
Revenue (Trailing 12 months) $3M
Gross Profit (Trailing 12 months) $610K

We asked ChatGPT:

How popular has heat recovery solutions become globally?

Here’s the response…

Heat recovery solutions have become increasingly popular globally in recent years. This is due to a growing awareness of the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as rising energy costs and government regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In many industries, such as oil and gas, manufacturing, and waste-to-energy, heat recovery solutions have become a standard practice for improving energy efficiency and reducing costs. By capturing waste heat and converting it into usable energy, heat recovery solutions can help to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while also providing cost savings for businesses.

In addition to being popular in industry, heat recovery solutions are also becoming more common in residential and commercial buildings. These systems can be used to recover heat from exhaust air, wastewater, and other sources, and can be used to provide heating, cooling, and hot water.

Overall, heat recovery solutions have become increasingly popular globally as businesses and individuals seek to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact. As technology continues to improve and become more affordable, it is likely that we will see even more widespread adoption of heat recovery solutions in the future.

Sources and More Info


This should get everyone started with their due diligence on this promising growth company.

We will be back with more on CETY soon.

The Team

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