New Feature NASDAQ Report Coming After the Long Weekend on 2-23-22 Near Market Open

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Welcome to all of our new group members. We hope you feel the difference with us. We are dedicated to helping our group identify weekly opportunities with potential near-term gains.

Good day everyone,

If you are a new member joining our group, we want you to know we are returning to our standard practice of issuing coverage on NASDAQ and NYSE companies this week.

Although, we do recognize some OTC exchange traded securities are moving 100’s and 1000’s of percent in a relatively short period of time. We are tenaciously working to identify a couple of these opportunities this year for you.

As far as growth and tech stocks, A well known pundit recently stated “historically when the ten year yield is below 3% these stocks do very well” The current US 10YR Treasury Yield is sitting at 1.948% this morning. Let’s see what happens should the Russia / Ukraine situation deescalate.

The only certain thing about a declining stock market is that it has always bounced back. Always! This leaves every investor with the question of time frame. Those who try to guess the stock market timing are often wrong and end up missing out on potential gains. The “gurus” who crow about their accurate predictions of market swings neglect to say they’ve made the same guess several years in a row and were bound to be right eventually.

As the Oracle of Omaha has said “when everyone is selling, you should be buying and when everyone is buying, you should be selling.” That sounds like timeless advice. When you see or hear of a stock value do your due diligence and if it’s a sound opportunity, make your move.

I am excited right now because the volatility in the stock market has exposed some amazing value propositions and we are going to report them to you. Companies that looked good last year still look good, just considerably less expensive.

We want to update you on a NASDAQ company we have reported on before. There is good news recently issued from the company and the potential catalysts for 2022 are lining up. This is a growing company, one that’s lining up potential catalysts and reaching milestone after milestone, get ready for this new report coming your way.

As I mentioned above, this is a company that looked good last year, continues to look good, and has taken a beating with the rest of the NASDAQ recently.

We will issue this report tomorrow 02-23-22 near market open.

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