Be Ready, Your Going to Like This One. NYSE-American Technology Report Sporting a Very Small Public Float Coming Tomorrow (10-11-21) at the Open

Captain Kirk (William Shatner) Going into Space for Real, His Investment Advice and a Small Cap Opportunity in a Company Leading a Nascent Market


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The stock market indices are still trying to find traction. There seems to be resistance at a 15,000 NASDAQ and a 35,000 DJIA. Maybe it’s the time of year or the fact that the US Congress can’t seem to accomplish anything. I believe the economy has enough steam and the financial metrics to push past those resistance levels once the USA pushes past governance hurdles.


On a lighter note, Captain Kirk (actor William Shatner) is flying into space, for real, Tuesday on a Jeff Bezos Blue Origin ship named New Shepard. At 90 years old, Shatner will become the oldest person to fly into space. Many people don’t know that Shatner has always had an eye toward stocks.


Shatner was the spokesperson for for 14 years in the early days of the company’s development. The company had no money when it started so Shatner agreed to accept stock and stock options in lieu of cash. Urban legend has it that Shatner sold his stake in Priceline for a net gain of $600M but that story has been corrected by Priceline executives, and Shatner himself. According to Shatner “I just sold at the wrong time.”


Piecing together information about Shatner’s Priceline stock sales, he likely netted less than $100M, still not a bad payday. William Shatner continues to do promotional work for other companies in exchange for stock and he offers one piece of investing advice, something we often bring up with the companies we report on:


“What I learned was, your best bet is the principles of the company in addition to the uniqueness or the facility of what the company sells,” Mr. Shatner says. “Who’s running the company is equally or more important.”


I want to talk about a company that’s breaking ground in innovative technology. I’m talking about a company in a sector that pundits are predicting has a growth rate of 1000% in the near to mid-term. Our upcoming report will detail remarkable progress in a nascent field of technology. They are a development stage company but the products they are developing seems like sci-fi stuff.


I looked around to see who was competing with this small cap listed company and found that the only other public companies working on the same technology were large cap companies worth billions. Those large caps are approaching this exciting field as a sideline business, but the company we are going to report to you on only does this one technology.


This is our first report on this company, and it presents with a tiny share structure and a modest valuation. Look at their technology, it’s exciting and may present an entry opportunity in a high growth sector for small cap investors.


Stay tuned and stay informed.

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