FDA Calendar

FDA Calendar

These can be significant catalyst events for biotech and pharma stocks when the decisions are announced. In addition to the actual FDA decision biotech stocks may experience a run-up in anticipation of the scheduled decision/review dates. Having prior knowledge of the this potential catalyst can go a long way toward maximizing profit or limiting a loss while trading biotech and pharma companies stocks. However, these events are not the only driver in biotech stock prices (see below).

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The PDUFA/FDA Approval Calendar and Finding Potential FDA Approval Catalyst Dates 

BioPharmCatalyst provides a pharmaceutical data bank that keeps track of Biotech stocks, FDA approvals, Advisory Committee activity, PDUFA and Phase 2 & 3 Trial data. To access this calendar just click the link below.

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In Addition to FDA Review Results, The Following Events May Significantly Affect a Biotech or Pharmaceutical Companies Stock Price

The FDA calendar is great for clinical trial results that are pending or just released. However, this is not the be all, end all to success in trading biotech stocks.

Traders News Source Top 10 Catalyst Events for Biotech Stocks 

  1. Presentations or buzz occurring at key scientific and medical meetings; for oncology from which many biotech’s sprout
  2. Peer company dealing with the same or similar biotechnology/pathway clinical trial results
  3. Collaboration with a major (Research Clinic, Large Biopharma, University Etc.) 
  4. FDA holds on a clinical trial either imposed or lifted
  5. Management taking the “poison pill” strategy against possible hostile bids
  6. Earnings are reported (If they have an approved drug commercially available)
  7. Merger & acquisition activity
  8. Licensing announced including upfront/milestone payments
  9. Key management (C-level for biotech) changes
  10. Insider buys/sells or Major shareholder (usually investment firms or hedge fund managers) buys/sells

Biotech investing can be very profitable for those who are well informed and patient. Keep in mind these stocks can make a significant move following any one of the above mentioned catalyst events or when positive data is released during any stage of the FDA approval process.

Biotech companies with a robust pipeline, experienced management teams, and a clear pathway to approval are what we seek to deliver to you in our related reports.

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