A New to the NASDAQ Company That Offers Great Potential with a Robust Biopharma Pipeline, Tiny Market Cap and an Approved Product Ready for Distribution

Good day everyone,

We want to report on a company in the biopharma sector that is new to the NASDAQ. This clinical stage company has solid financial metrics, a robust pipeline, and a very tiny share structure. When I look at the current market cap and compare it to their competition, I see a potential near term opportunity.

This company is operating in one of the hottest biopharma sectors and has novel, patented technology that sets them apart from the competition. They already have an approved product in Canada ready for manufacturing and distribution to pharmacies. They have positive results from their clinical trials and studies now advancing to new clinical trial levels. Trading volume has been low because they are so new to the NASDAQ, they remain under the radar of many investors until now.

I hope you will do your due diligence on this one and come to the same conclusion that the analysts and I did, that this company may be undervalued and set-up for massive growth.

Stay tuned and stay informed. We will issue this report on Thursday, January 6, 2022, at or near market open.

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