How Scary Are Interest Rates Really? Feature NASDAQ Report to be Issued 2-23-22 Near market Open.

Good day everyone,

Monday of this week was a better day for the stock market with gains in all the major indices. If you are like me, the sight of all that green makes you smile. Even better than the indices being green was looking at my small cap watchlist and seeing a lot of green there as well.

I want to touch briefly on interest rates, a topic that has been dominant in the news cycle all year. So far, nothing has happened beyond vague Fed statements and doom and gloom news coverage. During the first three years of the Trump Presidency, the Fed raised the discount rate from 1% to 2.25%.

Then came the pandemic and the Fed dropped the rate to .25% where it remains today. I leave you to your own conclusions about interest rates and the economy, I just wanted to throw that reminder out there.

New feature NASDAQ report coming 2-23-22 near market open. 

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