I’m Feeling Optimistic About 2022 and Growth in the Markets, Are You? New NASDAQ Report Will be Available Tuesday Dec. 28th Near Market Open.

NASDAQ report coming tomorrow near market open that I’m feeling really good about!

Good day everyone and welcome to all of our new trading group members,

Just when it looked like the bottom was falling out of the stock market early last week, a rally started. Stock indices looked frightening on Monday but look at these gains through the rest of the week:

DJIA +3.6%
NASDAQ +5.1%
Russell 2000 +6.3%

That kind of a rally is the stuff investor dreams are made of, yet not all companies values gained accordingly. While we hope that rally enriched your portfolio, we are here to help point out the opportunities that were passed by. That is what we will be looking for in January.

Our mission, one that will continue in 2022, is to report on companies that are overlooked, not displaying their potential value. You don’t need us to tell you what’s going on at Apple, Tesla, Google, or Microsoft; the headlines will keep you informed about them. We want to be your source of information on the small to mid-cap companies that the headlines ignore.

You can expect us to continue covering the NASDAQ companies developing Innovative technology, EV/Battery Tech, Biotech, Blockchain, Alternative Energy and more. We want you to know which companies have an upcoming catalyst, an FDA milestone, or a chart setup that indicates momentum.

We plan to bring new and exciting companies into your purview as well as updating you on companies we’ve followed for a while as they announce new products, acquisitions, partnerships, and clinical trial updates.

Q1 2022 may look similar to 2021 as we continue to tame inflation and another wave of coronavirus. But I believe these conditions that have led to volatility and uncertainty will begin to wane in Q2 leading to even stronger economic growth. We are looking forward to a robust 2022 and working to create reports that offer benefit to our members.

I want to update you on a NASDAQ company that is fast becoming one of my favorites to report on. A company with growth potential, that I think offers near term benefit. The company is professionally managed and is consistently upgrading its pipeline and marketing efforts. I want to talk about how I see this company in the near and mid-term and assess the probabilities for growth. I’m always impressed by this company’s ability to look inward and evaluate the moves it is making to ensure they fit within their plan and are essential to their development.

Stay tuned and stay informed. We will bring this report to you on Tuesday, December 28, 2021, at or near market open.

The Traders News Team