Let’s Look at a Company That Has a Chart Just Screaming Near Term Swing

Let’s Look at a Company That Has a Chart Just Screaming Near Term Swing


Good day everyone,

As Q2 earnings reports start to flow in we are seeing a mixed bag of results, but the bulk of companies reporting are still doing fine. We are still dealing with too high inflation, the potential for a big hike in interest rates by the Fed, and even though it’s improving, the global supply chain is still slow.

The hot jobs market may slow down as some companies like Facebook and Apple are announcing reductions in their hiring or workforce. Cryptocurrencies have regained their one trillion-dollar valuation. These are all economic metrics that offer more confusion and I’m convinced that nobody really knows where the economy and equities markets may be headed near-term.

I want to update you on a NASDAQ company with a dynamic chart setup that is indicating a potential bounce. This company is operating in a $12B tech market with a projected CAGR of 10% over the next five years.

This company has a tiny float, trades under its book value, and has a strong cash position. The company generates revenues and is in the process of developing additional distribution channels for its products with big name companies in their sector.

Stay tuned and stay informed.

We will release this report on July 20, 2022, at or near the market open.

The Traders News Team