NASDAQ Company Offering a Buy the Dip Opportunity with a Major Catalyst Developing

Markets Struggling with “Uncertainty” and a NASDAQ Company Offering a Buy the Dip Opportunity with a Major Catalyst Developing

New NASDAQ report to be issued Monday November 29th, 2021 near market open.

Good day everyone,

The markets lost some of their steam this past week, particularly on Friday after few weeks of solid gains. The DJIA closed Friday at 34,899 and the NASDAQ closed at 15,491 representing a drop over 4% for both indices from their November highs.

What’s going on? As I read an article about the decline, I see the word “uncertainty” come up repeatedly. Uncertainty about inflation, uncertainty about new covid variants and more. I can’t recall a time in the past couple years when I was “certain” about either of those. I still believe inflation will tame itself to about 3% by mid-2022 and I’m encouraged by new “take at home” pharmaceuticals being developed in the near term to combat covid hospitalizations.

My experience has shown me that a lot of selling happens at this time of year as institutional investors, hedge funds and others sell off stocks to record profits for their fiscal year end. It’s also a time when they clean up their portfolios by dumping their losing positions. I always liked the Warren Buffet axiom that says, “when everyone else is selling, you should be buying.”

I am going to update a report from earlier this year. I thought this NASDAQ company had a lot of good aspects when I first reported on it and now, they’ve come out with a new development that could develop into a major catalyst for the company’s value. I still like it today because they operate in a sector with changing technology and they are leading the pack, not playing catch-up.

This company has a tiny share structure (Under 5M shares in the float) and a good level of insider ownership. The above-mentioned potential catalyst could drive the company’s revenues much higher even into triple digit growth in the near term beginning with the current quarter. I’m calling this an opportunity to “buy the dip” and will go further into that in our report.

Stay tuned and stay informed. We will issue our report tomorrow near market open.

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