NYSE Biotech Shares, Late Stage Clinical’s and a Value Price

Unique technology along with Phase III success

Good day everyone,

If you’ve followed us in the past, or just joined our group, you know that we keep a keen eye on the biotech/biopharma sector. We have watched some stocks in this sector for years. We wait until we see a convergence of different factors present themselves, creating a potential opportunity for near term gains.

We have watched one such stock for a while and now we feel it could be poised for immediate gains.

And, the analysts see the potential for gains over 1000%

We all hate cancer. Many of us have lost a loved one to this insidious disease.

A cure for cancer seems a long way off even though some scientists are working toward that end. The standard treatment today is chemotherapy, an unpleasant experience for most who endure it.

So today, we see a lot of companies working toward a new treatment for cancer, something that is better than the current standard of chemotherapy.

If you follow biotech stocks at all, the myriad of potential cancer treatments in clinical trials can be mind boggling.

Maybe you would like to invest in a ground floor cancer treatment opportunity but just don’t know where to go, don’t know what stock has the best potential. Which stock might be the next Gilead or Vertex.

We follow all the stocks of these cancer treatment focused companies.

We evaluate the platforms they are developing to treat cancer and we follow the progress of their clinical trials.

These types of biotech, cancer focused stocks can react with a dramatic upside to any positive clinical trial results or other developmental catalysts.

The development stage company we want to discuss, not only has near term catalyst potential, but indicates value as well. They have multiple projects in Clinical trials, including an advanced Phase III trial, and a next generation technology. The potential verticals are all lined up.

This stock, with blockbuster potential is currently priced under $1.00 per share.

Watch your email or your text alerts, we will reveal this ticker tomorrow afternoon DURING Market Hours.