The Fed Policy Meeting and Announcement Will Probably Cause Some Wild Action in Equities This Week. Feature OTC Exchange Report Blockchain, NFT’s and the Metaverse

Good day everyone,

I’m writing this before the Fed concludes its Wednesday meeting. Though it’s a foregone conclusion Chairman Powell will announce a quarter point interest rate hike, its equally important to note whether any further hikes are pre-planned at this time. We also will be looking for comments about the Russia-Ukraine conflict and any comments made about the inflation rate.

The virtual age is upon us with tokens as currency and the security of the blockchain protecting us when transacting business. I don’t know if you, your children, or grandchildren will be the ones transacting everything on the blockchain, but I’m certain it’s going to grow. There will be opposition to this trend as decentralized finance is disruptive to the world’s banking system and governments currently using their easily manipulated fiat currencies.

But make no mistake, the trend that started a dozen years ago with the emergence of Bitcoin and the blockchain is here to stay because it simply makes sense and delivers financial control to the individual and not the banking system.

I want to talk about an OTCQB company operating in the virtual world and the world of digital assets. This company is at the forefront of the sector. Their share structure is modest with insiders and institutions owning almost half the company’s outstanding shares.

I think you may appreciate the fact that this company has substantial assets and is revenue positive. This company wants to make the blockchain, digital transactions and assets easily available to everyone. If you’re wondering how to participate in the digital/virtual world ahead of us, look at our upcoming report.

Stay tuned and stay informed. We will issue this report on Thursday, March 17, 2022, at or near the market open.

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