Updates 22nd Century Group (NYSE: XXII) Citius Pharma (NASDAQ: CTXR) and Genprex (NASDAQ: GNPX)

Updates 22nd Century Group (NYSE: XXII) Citius Pharma (NASDAQ: CTXR) and Genprex (NASDAQ: GNPX)

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It appears that short sellers are fighting hard on GNPX this week. Over 20% in bookable gains with CTXR within 3 days. XXII had multiple swing opportunities however, like the other two we like the long term potential.

We are currently watching a few stocks that may be ready for a near-term breakout.

Our most recent report Genprex (NASDAQ: GNPX) had a great start breaking $4/share early on. The following two days of coverage GNPX traded between $3.40 to $3.90/share struggling with what appeared to be short attacks. Genprex gene therapy platform has a lot of potential. See our recent report here.


Citius Pharma (NASDAQ: CTXR) as many of you know we have consistently covered this company and their Mino-Lok product for a very long time. Short positions in this stock had increased to over 19% of the float as we reported on CTXR recently. From day one of our coverage the stock opened at $1.97/share and hit a high of $2.52 on day three for over 20% in bookable gains. See our latest report on CTXR here.


22nd Century Group (NYSE: XXII) we firmly believe in the proprietary tech, XXII holds over 200 patents on the tobacco and cannabis plants. This was not our first time reporting on XXII, but it has been a couple years. We think legislation may move this one closer to it’s true value many times higher than the current price. Full report on XXII available here.

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