Out With the Bloated and In With Value and Growth. We are Working on a Very Big Story to be Released Early Next Week.

Out With the Bloated and In With Value and Growth. We are Working on a Very Big Story to be Released Early Next Week.

We’re Excited about the 2021 Summer Trading Season


Reliance Group (RELI) is Bouncing Back Above $3.50/share following our alert at $3.10. RELI hit a high of $4.08 for over 20% in bookable gains during our coverage. As I write this (ANY) is now bouncing back towards our report price of $2.23/share. ANY had a big volume day trading over 12M shares during our report and hit a high of $2.73/share. ANY’s short interest has increased by around four percent of the float to a little over nine percent.

We are planning on having a new report out early next week (4/26/21), possibly Monday. Be ready and watch for our updates. We may be due for another triple digit gainer.

Good day everyone,

We are getting excited with the trends we see in the current stock market. While the markets seem ambivalent at best, we see a process where investors are reducing their exposure to large cap, overbought equities. You probably know the ones, the companies with market values built on hype that have nothing to do with financial metrics.

That’s good news for us small cap investors as we generally rely on something tangible in a company profile when we profile it to you. The “clearing out” process we mentioned above has been going on all year, but we believe the time for strong small cap support is upon us.

Look for a strong summer season with our group as the economy starts to grow stronger and the reallocation of investment dollars gravitates toward the kind of companies we like. As we’ve said before, there are too many economic recovery programs in place for the economy to falter.

As always, we are tracking many good companies, to determine the best timing for near term growth. Most times we hit the nail on the head and occasionally the hammer hit’s our thumb. Those who have been with our group a while know we have an outstanding track record.

Our most recent report saw the company shares rise, for a potential 20% in bookable gains. We hope all of you got both knowledge and benefit from that report.

Lately you may have noticed us including “Together We Are Strong” in our newsletter closing. Our group consists of over 85,000 members and “together” WE ARE STRONG!

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